Fallout Tycoon

Fallout Tycoon 1.0

Fallout Tycoon is a post apocalyptic management game
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Fallout Tycoon is a post apocalyptic management game.
In game You’ll play role of Mayor of settlement or the city (according Your skills). You ‘ll be able to take sides one of the world of Fallout - You’ll become a sample of Vault city, or You’ll better be an advanced basement of Brotherhood of Steel. Next opportunity is to become continential basement of Enclave, Mutant Camp, Ghoul’s settlement or the town of NCR. And who dislikes post-apocalyptic scene can quietly build on the ruins of pre - second world war towns. (San Francisco, Boneyard, etc.) You ‘ll se tens of buildings through. You’ll have to provide Your citizens by water (that is rare in wildernesses, so you have to rely on not sure and inconvenient business), meal (that is obtained from farms and brahmin breedings, or by the dealing again) and of course for ever presence money. So you can expect marketing „something for something“ , when you can get or sell either eating and water either techonlogies, armatures, weapons, ...etc.

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